Hospitality Leadership Through Learning

Restaurant Table Simulator, version 2012


Vol 3 No 3
By: Gary M. Thompson Ph.D.


Executive Summary:

Restaurant Table Simulator (RTS) is an Excel-based model for simulating table usage in restaurants. RTS, which includes a charts and results tables, can be used to improve a restaurant’s mix of tables. While the CHR already has a web-based tool for identifying restaurant table mixes, this version of RTS is useful in that it runs in Excel. The tool contains fill-in tables that will allow restaurant managers to run “what-if” scenarios for different table mixes, using different assumptions. Additionally it provides graphical information that the web-based tool doesn’t. Finally, it allows for situations where customers select their own tables, instead of being assigned to a table by a host or hostess, a scenario common in many restaurants. These features make this version of interest and more accessible to a wider group of restaurant managers and hospitality educators.

**In order to run this tool you need Excel 2007 or later (for PC), or Excel 2011 or later (for Mac). The models cannot currently be run using OpenOffice. You may also need to save first and then open the files**

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