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Hotel Room Pricing Tool


By: Chris Anderson Ph.D.


Executive Summary:

Based on the model explained in the report, "Setting Room Rates on Priceline: How to Optimize Expected Hotel Revenue," by Chris K. Anderson, the Hotel Room Pricing Tool is designed to optimize revenue for hotel rooms that are sold via Priceline.

Because Priceline's auction model is opaque, it is difficult for revenue managers to determine the discount off stated prices that will be successful in selling the room at the optimum price. The tool uses data from the Daily Demand Report, which Priceline provides its clients. The tool returns the optimum discount for the rooms which the hotel wishes to sell via Priceline, based on the data from that daily report.

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Priceline Pricing Tool

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To view the corresponding report, please click on the link below.
Setting Room Rates on Priceline: How to Optimize Expected Hotel Revenue