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Managing a Wine Cellar Using a Spreadsheet 2.0


Vol 9 No 9
By: Gary M. Thompson Ph.D.


Executive Summary:

Note: Wine Cellar 2.0 was released in August 2010, with several new fields, sorts, and reports. Basic functions remain as described in this report. In addition the new sample demonstrates how the updated optimizer operates.

Using examples from a new Wine Cellar Management Tool, this report describes the many spreadsheet-based analyses in this tool that can assist an individual, restaurant, or bar to manage a wine cellar. If one is disciplined about recording the inflows and outflows to and from the cellar, the spreadsheet tool will provide several cellar analyses. In addition to providing insight into the key questions of what to consume and what to promote, the tool shows such interesting and informative analyses as appellations, vintages, and types of wine. In the tool described in this report, the spreadsheet itself incorporates form-based sets of data entry fields. The Wine Cellar Management Tool, which is available at no charge from The Center for Hospitality Research at Cornell University, does not require actual knowledge of how to construct a spreadsheet. It does require diligent data entry regarding wine purchases and withdrawals.

The Wine Cellar Management Tool
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