Hospitality Leadership Through Learning

2008 Reports

Service Scripting: A Customer’s Perspective of Quality and Performance
Vol 8 No 20 Liana Victorino Ph.D., Rohit Verma Ph.D., and Don Wardell Ph.D.
Nontraded REITS: Considerations for Hotel Investors
Vol 8 No 19 John B. Corgel Ph.D. and Scott Gibson Ph.D.
Forty Hours Doesn't Work for Everyone: Examining Employee Preferences for Work Hours
Vol 8 No 18 Lindsey A. Zahn and Michael C. Sturman Ph.D.
The Importance of Behavioral Integrity in a Multicultural Workplace
Vol 8 No 17 Tony Simons Ph.D., Ray Friedman Ph.D., Leigh A. Liu Ph.D., and Judi McLean Parks Ph.D.
Forecasting Covers in Hotel Food and Beverage Outlets
Vol 8 No 16 Gary M. Thompson Ph.D. and Erica D. Killam
Hotel Network Security: A Study of Computer Networks in U.S. Hotels
Vol 8 No 15 Josh Ogle, Erica L. Wagner Ph.D., and Mark P. Talbert
Hotel Revenue Management: Today and Tomorrow
Vol 8 No 14 Sheryl E. Kimes Ph.D.
New Beats Old Nearly Every Day: The Countervailing Effects of Renovations and Obsolescence on Hotel Prices
Vol 8 No 13 John B. Corgel Ph.D.
Frequency Strategies and Double Jeopardy in Marketing: The Pitfall of Relying on Loyalty Programs
Vol 8 No 12 Michael Lynn Ph.D.
An Analysis of Bordeaux Wine Ratings, 1970-2005: Implications for the Existing Classification of the Médoc and Graves
Vol 8 No 11 Gary M. Thompson Ph.D., Stephen A. Mutkoski Ph.D., Youngran Bae, Liliana Ielacqua, and Se Bum Oh
Private Equity Investment in Public Hotel Companies: Recent Past, Long-Term Future
Vol 8 No 10 John B. Corgel Ph.D.
Accurately Estimating Time-Based Restaurant Revenues Using Revenue per Available Seat-Hour
Vol 8 No 9 Gary M. Thompson Ph.D. and Heeju Sohn
Exploring Consumer Reactions to Tipping Guidelines: Implications for Service Quality
Vol 8 No 8 Rohit Verma Ph.D., Kate Karniouchina, and Himanshu Mishra Ph.D
Complaint Communication: How Complaint Severity and Service Recovery Influence Guests’ Preferences and Attitudes
Vol 8 No 7 Alex M. Susskind Ph.D.
Questioning Conventional Wisdom: Is a Happy Employee a Good Employee, or Do Other Attitudes Matter More?
Vol 8 No 6 Michael C. Sturman Ph.D. and Sean Way Ph.D.
Optimizing a Personal Wine Cellar
Vol 8 No 5 Gary M. Thompson Ph.D. and Stephen A. Mutkoski Ph.D.
Setting Room Rates on Priceline: How to Optimize Expected Hotel Revenue
Vol 8 No 4 Chris Anderson Ph.D.
Pricing for Revenue Enhancement in Asian and Pacific Region Hotels: A Study of Relative Pricing Strategies
Vol 8 No 3 Linda Canina Ph.D. and Cathy A. Enz Ph.D.
Restoring Workplace Communication Networks after Downsizing: The Effects of Time on Information Flow and Turnover Intentions
Vol 8 No 2 Alex M. Susskind Ph.D.
A Consumer's View of Restaurant Reservations Policies
Vol 8 No 1 Sheryl E. Kimes Ph.D.