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Leadership: Ethical Dilemmas and Decision-Making

Video: Kate Walsh
Kate Walsh

Course Focus

Ethics are about the choices leaders make when addressing issues related to finance, operations, customers, employees, and just about every aspect of their jobs. Through a presentation of ethical decision making frameworks and a facilitation of experiential activities and case studies, this session will help industry leaders consider the impact of their own personal values and beliefs - and those of others - on the critical business decisions they make every day.

Key Benefits

Participants will obtain key insights into ways to frame and resolve critical ethical dilemmas at work so they sleep better at night. Participants will also learn how to encourage ethically-based behaviors from others.

Topics Include:

  • Nagging problems with ethics
  • Challenges facing today‚Äôs hospitality leaders
  • Ethical decision-making frameworks
  • Your predominant conflict management style
  • Ways to develop an ethically-based perspective in others
  • Suggestions for sleeping at night (i.e. how to make decisions that best support your personal values and beliefs)