The School and the Industry

Founded in 1922, the School of Hotel Administration was the world's first undergraduate management degree program for the hospitality industry. Cornell was the ideal institution to initiate this field of study since the university's mission is to create academic programs embracing the balance of theoretical education with applied professional development in all fields.

Today's School of Hotel Administration is the most sophisticated service-oriented management school in the world.  It boasts 800 undergraduate students from 30 countries, 60 graduate students (MMH, M.S., and Ph.D. degrees), and more than 1,700 industry professionals from 90 countries enrolled in executive education courses.  The Office of Industry Research and Affairs helps to connect students and industry leaders through various institutes and programs.

With 60 full-time faculty members, it is the world's largest group of scholars focused on hospitality management, teaching classes and conducting research.  Each year about 250 industry leaders visit campus to lecture, confer, and offer guidance to our students.  Our students are heavily recruited by the industry's top companies for full-time and summer employment.  These resources help our students become the next generation of leaders in the hospitality industry.