Showcasing Hospitality Education Through Student Leadership

Student Involvement

Hotel Ezra Cornell is a leadership development experience grounded in experiential learning. Management is a practice that has to blend a good deal of craft (experience) with a certain amount of art (insight) and some science (analysis).  Effective managing happens where art, craft, and science meet.  In a classroom of students without managerial experience, these have no place to meet.  That’s why the Hotel School is so unique and offers so many opportunities for students to take the initiative and put themselves in situations where they can gain experience and insight outside of the classroom.  Some of this is required, such as the 800 hours of work experience or the practicums that students complete at the Statler Hotel as part of their hotel operations and food and beverage classes.

Getting involved with HEC allows you, the student, to gain hands-on experience. To effectively manage, you must have firsthand knowledge of customers and workers, products and processes.  The only way to gain this knowledge is through intensive personal experience—exactly what HEC provides.  Each year, a new managing director and board of directors are selected to manage and lead the HEC organization.  The board is comprised of 14 Hotel School students who take HEC as a class (HA 491) in the fall and the spring, earning academic credit. The board of directors is responsible for managing the $150,000 HEC budget and for the overall leadership for the organization.

Getting involved with HEC provides you with countless benefits not found anywhere else inside or outside the Hotel School.  Joining a team or volunteering for the weekend allows you to contribute to and have an impact on a specific aspect of the HEC weekend.  Not only do you have the chance to meet and work with other Hotelies, but you can get practice credit for the time you invest in HEC.  Begin networking now.  HEC provides opportunities for you to interact with other students, with faculty members and with the HEC guests, who tend to be industry leaders. 

Hotel Ezra Cornell is a leadership development experience grounded in experiential learning.  We hope that you will join us and become a part of the experience.  If you are already a member of an HEC Team, we look forward to working with during the weekend.  If you are interested in being involved with HEC, don’t worry, you have not missed your opportunity!  Recruiting for volunteers will move into high gear when students return to campus in January.