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Hotel Ezra Cornell

Endowment Fund

HEC is the link that Hotel School students—past, present, and future—can relate to. It is a link that not only embodies the very essence of hospitality, but also rekindles a sense of nostalgia for days gone by.

What is the Fund?

The funds generated by the HEC Endowment Fund are a powerful force in HEC’s success. Earnings in excess of the payout are returned to the endowment to preserve its purchasing power against inflation, to provide a cushion for periods of poor market performance, and to allow for modest growth over time. It offers confidence that HEC’s mission of providing hospitality leadership and learning will be sustained far into the future.

Ensuring the Future of HEC

The HEC Endowment was established to support HEC in perpetuity. Your contribution through this endowment will increase the educational, technological, and service innovation we can showcase at HEC. In addition to supporting student creativity, the endowment will continue to help move HEC toward self-sufficiency, enabling us to stabilize the guest prices and protect us from the risk of budget cuts. We want to continue to promote HEC as a year-long tradition of hospitality education and learning.

Methods of Donating

There are a variety of giving methods for you to use: check, credit card, securities, matching gifts, and gift planning. We invite you to contact the Development Office at The School of Hotel Administration to find out more about giving to the HEC Endowment Fund. They can be reached at (607) 255-9542, or you may donate online at The School’s website.

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