HADM 2360: Food Service Management, Theory and Practice

Fall, spring. 4 credits. Letter grades only.

Prerequisite: HADM 1360. Enrollment limited to: SHA students. Required. Because this course is laboratory-based, students may not drop after first full week of classes; during first week of class, students may drop only with permission of instructor and/or academic dean. Failure to attend first lab may result in administrative drop. Labs will start during the first full week of classes.
Limited to Hotel Students

Faculty teaching this course in Fall 2015:

This course introduces the student to food and beverage operations through three major components: fundamental food composition and properties, food products and preparation, and food safety. Students prepare recipes, menus, and production schedules. Students develop the ability to recognize properly prepared foods by preparing, tasting, and evaluating them. They also are involved in a project in which they create menus, develop and standardize recipes, and complete a plan for a dining event. Completion of a five-hour practicum experience in the Statler Hotel back-of-the-house is a required course activity.