Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ)

CHQWelcome to the Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (CQ), a SAGE Publication.

The School of Hotel Administration publishes the CQ for the benefit of both academics and practitioners involved in the hospitality industry. Unlike most narrow-concept journals, the CQ has a broadly defined mission of carrying the best in useful management research from any area of the hospitality industry. Within that broad scope, each issue contains focus areas that allow you to concentrate on the specific topics most important to you while still keeping you ahead of prevailing industry concerns.

Aims and Scope
The primary objective of the CQ is to publish theory-based research articles that provide timely hospitality management implications. We aim to help all of those involved or interested in the hospitality industry—academics, managers and executives, owners and developers, consultants, investors, and students—to keep current on the latest research findings and insights in order to improve business practices and stay informed about successful business strategies. The journal’s content addresses a broad range of topics that are relevant to hospitality, travel, tourism, and related services contexts.

Search and Order Articles
Hosted by SAGE, the CQ's article-search database contains thousands of articles published since the journal's inception in 1960. Individual articles may be ordered and many are available on a pay-per-view basis. To give you a sample of the best of the CQ, view our featured articles from current and past issues.

Research Curation
The CQ has started a research curation series that will feature a collection of articles focused on a particular topic area. To accompany the series, the curators will provide an essay that draws on the synergy of the collection in terms of theory building and potential for future theory testing. Our first research curation, by professors Zachary Brewster of Wayne State University and Michael Lynn of Cornell University, focuses on racial issues in the context of hospitality management.

Author Guidelines
The CQ welcomes submissions from all authors who have conducted theory-driven research in disciplines with hospitality industry implications. All manuscripts are subject to double blind review through the CQ Editorial Board and ad hoc reviewers as determined by the editor and associate editors. Full author guidelines are available from SAGE Publications. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically at http://mc.manuscriptcentral.com/cq.

Please visit SAGE Publications for business-related questions or for more information on permissions, advertising, or subscriptions, which are sold exclusively by SAGE.

Feel free to contact the editorial staff with any question, at cq@sha.cornell.edu, or contact the Director of Publications, Glenn Withiam, at 607.255.3025.

Michael LaTourMichael LaTour
Editor, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly
Visiting Professor of Services Marketing
Cornell University
School of Hotel Administration